The Evolution of Shapewear: From Hidden Underwear to Fashionable Outerwear

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There was a time when shapewear was almost a secret. It was worn discreetly under clothing to lend support and create a smooth silhouette. But with advancements in innovations in shapewear design, it has now emerged as sophisticated and fashionable outerwear.

The Advancements in Shapewear Technology

Fabric advancements in shapewear have played a vital role in enabling them to be worn as outerwear. The seamless, breathable and sweat-absorbent fabric makes the best shapewear more comfortable and convenient to wear. The fabric also allows for all-day wear without feeling suffocating and uncomfortable. Whether you're at a party or busy working all day, it can make you feel confident and comfortable.


Daily Shapewear by Shapellx

For many women, shapewear has long been a go-to solution for achieving the perfect silhouette. However, not all shapewear is created equal. Thankfully, Shapellx offers a line of shapewear that is not only effective but also stylish and versatile. The daily tummy shaper provides a variety of options, from bodysuits to leggings to dresses, that can seamlessly integrate into an everyday wardrobe. With their body-hugging compression and leveling support, these pieces can transform any outfit into a showstopper. Plus, the seamless finish means that these pieces can also be worn as outerwear, offering a clean and polished look. Shapellx shapewear truly offers the best of both worlds - comfort, style, and confidence.

Examples of Popular Shapewear Pieces Suitable for Outerwear

Shapellx shapewear offers a variety of options to suit your style and fashion needs. Here are some examples of shapewear that can be used as outerwear:

1. Eco Contour Seamless Bodysuit

PowerConceal™ Eco Contour Seamless Bodysuit

Made with eco-friendly materials, this bodysuit offers an impeccable look under dresses and skirts. It's designed to enhance the shape of your body and smoothen any lumps and bumps. This bodysuit provides plenty of stretch and support, making it comfortable and convenient for extended wear.

2. Built-in Shapewear Dress

Contour Build In Midi Dress
Built-In 360° Contour Midi Shaping Dress
Shapellx has a unique collection of dresses that come equipped with built-in shapewear. This dress not only flatters your curves but also provides the much-needed support to your midsection, enhancing your confidence all day long.

3. Daily Bodysuits

Sleeveless Bodysuit
PowerConceal™ Polo Sleeveless Bodysuit
Comfort and support are key when it comes to dressing for a long day, and these bodysuits provide both. Versatile enough to wear under any outfit, from dresses to jeans or skirts, they're perfect for ensuring that you look and feel your best, no matter your plans.


Shapewear has come a long way, from sneaking under clothing to sophisticated and stylish outerwear. With design innovations, the modern woman can choose from a wide variety of shapewear styles to enhance her stylish look and enjoy comfort. Shapellx offers shapewear to suit all style and fashion needs, with seamless finishes for an elegant look. Shapewear is no longer just underwear, but an accessory that adds confidence and style to everyday wear. So, why not try these everyday shapewear and add style and confidence to your everyday style.


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September 6, 2023 at 1:00 PM Delete
Pengen banget pake shapewear gini. Tapi harus diet dan rutin olahraga dulu, deh
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December 17, 2023 at 5:35 PM Delete
Semangat kak, yuk bisa.
Yang penting dietnya yang sehat sih ya, jadi bisa dapat body goals impian
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September 6, 2023 at 9:00 PM Delete
Yes, there are more and more eco friendly shapewear products, besides being fashionable they are also more environmentally friendly.
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September 7, 2023 at 10:03 AM Delete
bajunya cakep-cakep. tiap badan emang pasti punya baju yang cocok untuk menonjolkan keunikannya. anw, aku suka banget sama baju warna hitam hehe
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September 7, 2023 at 11:46 AM Delete
this shapewear is very good development. From hidden underwear, it can now support a woman's appearance
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September 7, 2023 at 2:20 PM Delete
desainnya kekinian karena sekarang lebih sering lihat desain outerwear tuh lebih simple tapi elegan. dan sesuai dengan style yang sedang ngetrend
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September 7, 2023 at 5:53 PM Delete
Wah semangat buat mamak2 yg bisa tahan lama pakai ini.. pokoknya no makan banyak.. diet bener deh.. enaknya pakai ky gini bikin badan gak cepet capek dan memperbaiki postur tubuh
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December 17, 2023 at 6:59 PM Delete
Jd ga usah diet terlalu ketat ya kak. Shapewear gini bikin tubuh kayak terlihat langsing. Org lain bakal terbengong2 deh ngelihat bodi kita lgsg langsing padahal makannya banyak. Hehe.
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September 7, 2023 at 6:38 PM Delete
I used to using shapewear after giving birth and it is very helpful to maintain the shape of my body.
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September 7, 2023 at 6:46 PM Delete
kalau melihatnya, bisa juga Shapewear ini dipadukan dengan legging dan blezer.
Sehingga makin menjadi outfit yang memukau bagi wanita masa kini ya
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December 16, 2023 at 6:48 AM Delete
Terus warnanya yang netral dan cenderung gelap, dan polos, bisa masuk ke banyak warna ya, Mbak. Bisa dipadupadankan dengan warna cerah, baik polos, maupun bermotif.
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September 7, 2023 at 7:13 PM Delete
Shapewear yang body suit bisa dipake buat olahraga di rumah nih. Apalagi buat yoga, biar bisa cek postur tubuh sama pose nya udah pas belum
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December 17, 2023 at 7:50 PM Delete
Jadi terasa punya body goals yah, mbak, hihihi. Lekuk tubuh makin indah, haha..
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September 7, 2023 at 8:03 PM Delete
Bodi perempuan zaman now bisa langsung langsing seketika pake shapewear ini ya kang. Emg zaman skrg tuh dipermudah bgt dlm hal pakaian. Dan penampilan zaman now tuh jg yg utama. Dgn penampilan keren plus otak beken, cuan bakal terus mentereng nih. Amiin.
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September 7, 2023 at 9:12 PM Delete
yang nomor 1 keren. Bagus juga kalau punya. Apalagi terbuat dari bahan yang eco-friendly.
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September 7, 2023 at 9:52 PM Delete
Hmm shapewear yang cuma pantas kupake dalam rumah/kamar
Biar suami yang lihat
Karena kalau yang lainnya bisa berabe haha
Cantik sih modelnya, saya suka
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December 18, 2023 at 7:44 PM Delete
Bener banget, ini cocok dipakai di dalam rumah buat nyenengin suami...hehe
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September 7, 2023 at 10:00 PM Delete
Eco Contour Seamless Bodysuit kayaknya nyaman banget nih...
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September 8, 2023 at 4:43 AM Delete
With comfortable materials, using shapewear for women can be one of the comforts and choices to make the body look beautiful.
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September 29, 2023 at 8:32 AM Delete
pengen coba yang built in dress, keliatan elegan :D
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December 16, 2023 at 10:42 AM Delete
Shape wear memang membantu untuk wanita lebih percaya diri sehingga memakai pakaian akan lebih nyaman plus bisa meningkatkan rasa percaya diri. Apalagi bahannya memang nyaman buat digunakan
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December 16, 2023 at 2:17 PM Delete
Ih beda sih desainnya ini, istriku mau ga ya pake kayak ginian biar makin romantis hehehe
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December 17, 2023 at 8:36 AM Delete
wah kalau sudahh mengusung comfortable, pastilah bikin kepingin :) apalagi buat para ibu yang makin banyyak aktivitasnya ya, biar tetap suit badannya hihi
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December 17, 2023 at 4:38 PM Delete
Well, yes ... now shapewear can be a very interesting thing especially for women because the material is comfortable, makes women more free to move and the material is environmentally friendly, this is an attraction for body health.
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December 17, 2023 at 6:49 PM Delete
Sebagai emak-emak yang sudah pernah melahirkan, tentu saja yang pengen banget nih punya shapweat ini. Nyaman dipakainya nih.
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December 17, 2023 at 8:09 PM Delete
Wah, aku naksir yang PowerConceal™ Polo Sleeveless Bodysuit nih. Bisa dipakai untuk inner kalau mau pake bolero, cardigan, atau outer
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December 17, 2023 at 9:04 PM Delete
Pakai shapewear begini bikin lebih pede juga sih. Terasa lebih pantes aja kalau pakai baju model apa pun.
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December 17, 2023 at 9:51 PM Delete
Comfortable materials make women love this product, and it will definitely make them feel beautiful and help maintain their body shape
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December 17, 2023 at 11:25 PM Delete
Bahannya bagus berkualitas gak heran kalau shapewear body suit ini bisa dipake buat olahraga di rumah juga. Buat daleman saat menggunakan ganis juga oke ya
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December 17, 2023 at 11:39 PM Delete
Seksi banget kalau pakai ini. Suamiku bakalan suka nih. Hihihi